Editing and Proofreading

At Tealight Books we offer a range of services to help our clients with editing and proofreading. We recommend editing as an essential element of the publishing process, because no matter how good your spelling and grammar may be, there will certainly be quirks and mistakes in your work that only a trained editor will notice.

The type of editing work we carry out will depend upon your budget, and the stage at which your manuscript is presented to us. Needless to say, a first draft is going to require a lot more work than a final draft, and we try to provide a solution for authors no matter what stage in the writing process their manuscript is at.

Below are some of the options open to you.


This is the cheapest and least intensive editing option, and will normally be carried out on the final draft of a manuscript prior to publication. We will look for typos, errors in word usage, misplaced punctuation, inconsistencies, etc. We will not focus on the structure of the manuscript (for instance, rewriting entire sentences or paragraphs), or alter issues of logic and coherence.


The copyediting process includes the basic elements of editing outlined in the Proofreading section above, but also includes a much deeper and more thorough process of analysing and correcting the text. As well as correcting incorrect spelling, grammar, and punctuation, we will make suggestions to improve expression and ensure consistency, to smooth out awkward or confusing sentences, and will check whether any notes or citations are incorrect or incomplete.

Developmental Editing

This is the most work-intensive form of editing, and will involve us looking at the structure of your book and the way in which your ideas are developed and expressed. We will work on your style and flow and help you to develop your narrative or argument so that it is effective and coherent. Developmental editing will normally take place with a work-in-progress manuscript, and a further round of copyediting or proofreading may subsequently be required.

In addition to the three options outlined above, you may have specific requirements related to the editing of your manuscript that we can discuss and provide a quote for if necessary. You are welcome to contact us with any questions or special requirements or to discuss rates.