A pile of hardcover copies of God's Grand Game by Steven ColborneAs well as being a publishing services company, Tealight Books is also a publishing imprint. This means we sometimes publish and promote books. We are quite selective about the books we publish, and will only work with authors who we feel are writing something interesting and important. Although we focus primarily on philosophy and theology, we will also consider publishing work in related fields, such as spirituality and mental health.

Please be aware that even if we agree to publish your book, in general we are unable to fund the various aspects of the publishing process for you, so you will still be liable to pay for the publishing services you require. We may, however, undertake some promotion and marketing activity at our own expense. This will of course be discussed with you and formally agreed before we proceed.

You can see some examples of books we’ve published here.

Are you interested in having a book published by Tealight Books? Drop us a line and let’s talk!