Tealight Books was established in 2020 by British philosopher and author Steven Colborne (pictured) who runs the business from his home office in South London. For details concerning Steven’s background and experience, you can visit his LinkedIn page [Feel free to add me as a connection! ~Steven].

While Steven undertakes some of Tealight Books’ work himself, he also has a network of friends and colleagues who are ready to assist Tealight clients if their requirements are beyond the scope of Steven’s skillset. For example, if you need a copy editor with specialist knowledge, or a very complicated website, Steven is well placed to find an expert who can help.

We aim to provide a highly professional and refreshingly affordable service for self-funding authors who write groundbreaking work in the fields of philosophy and theology. If you’re an author with a book or an idea that fits that description, we’d love to hear from you!

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