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Tealight Books is an author services company working with clients worldwide. The company is run by Steven Colborne, who has self-published over a dozen of his own books, and is a seasoned professional when it comes to navigating the sometimes complex world of self-publishing.

We help authors with any stage of the book publishing process. So whether you need help with a first draft, are at the editing or cover design stage, or have a finished book that needs a marketing push, Tealight Books is able to help. To see the many ways we help self-publishing authors, visit the Services page.

As well as offering services to authors, Tealight Books is also a publishing imprint. We publish books mainly in the areas of philosophy, religion, and spirituality, though we will consider publishing any non-fiction books that we feel and groundbreaking and interesting. To view all the books currently on sale through the imprint, visit the Store page.

With any queries, suggestions, or just to say hello, feel free to contact us.