Design and Formatting

In addition to professionally editing your manuscript, at Tealight Books we believe a great cover design and beautiful interior formatting are not optional but are essential aspects of the book publishing process. Below are some details concerning what is involved.

Cover design

Great book covers create an instant impression, which is often the result of hours of hard work from a cover designer. A great cover will be evocative in some way, creating a feeling of wonder, excitement, or perhaps even fear, depending on the content of the book.

There is a huge amount for designers to consider when they work on a book cover. Each production company has their own requirements, and cover designers have to ensure their measurements are perfect. They must consider things like bleed, colour profiles, and the positioning of artwork elements so that nothing is cut off or distorted during the printing process.

At Tealight Books, we can design you a simple and affordable cover in-house or produce a cover for you in connection with one of our professional cover design partners. Either way, we will work hard to design you a cover that will make an impact.


Books need to be beautiful not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. Tealight Books uses professional formatting software in order to produce interior files that are stylish and appropriate to the subject matter of the book.
As with cover design, there is a lot to think about when it comes to formatting. Considerations such as front matter and end matter, positioning of footnotes, table of contents, page numbering, embellishments, and a whole host of other details must be taken into account.
For cover design and formatting enquiries please contact us.