Big Ideas from Ancient Greece


Big Ideas from Ancient Greece offers a short introduction to the world of ancient Greek philosophy from a contemporary theological perspective.



Ancient Greece is widely regarded as the birthplace of Western philosophy. Many of the ideas expounded by the philosophers of that day went on to shape modern scientific and philosophical thought — everything from atomic theory to speculations about the afterlife. 

In this insightful look at twelve of the most important figures from antiquity, British philosopher Steven Colborne sizes up Socrates and analyses Aristotle, offering a contemporary perspective on some of the most amazing philosophical ideas of all time.

Explore the answers to fascinating questions such as:

Is everything made of water?

Do ideas exist in reality?

What are God’s attributes?

Can we really know anything?

Whether you’re a seasoned philosopher or just a curious amateur, you’ll be gripped by Colborne’s profound but accessible reflections. This short book is destined to become a textbook introduction to the enduringly fascinating world of ancient Greek thought.

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