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This statement of faith by philosopher-theologian Steven Colborne is the result of decades of spiritual exploration culminating in Colborne’s wholehearted embracing of Biblical Christianity.

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Steven Colborne is the author of many books expounding philosophical and theological arguments related to Christianity and other religions. After a dramatic and traumatic spiritual journey (documented in his 2012 book The Philosophy of a Mad Man), Colborne became a devoted evangelical Christian and was baptised in water and the Holy Spirit.

After committing to Christianity, Colborne studied Philosophy and Religion at Heythrop College, University of London, and after carefully examining Christian doctrine he wrote God’s Grand Game, a book which offers philosophical arguments highlighting what for Colborne were inconsistencies in the mainstream Christian worldview; particularly in relation to the divine sovereignty versus human free will predicament.

Colborne went on to publish An Almighty Predicament: A Discourse on the Arguments For and Against Christianity, a book which brought into focus Colborne’s key theological struggles, and ended with a question mark over whether he could ever confidently embrace Christianity, such were the theological problems he was wrestling with at the time.

But even after so much questioning, Colborne felt he couldn’t disregard Christianity, as he found the words of Jesus Christ utterly compelling. He continued to explore Biblical theology to see whether there was any way that the divine sovereignty versus human free will problem could be reconciled with the Christian gospel in an honest and logical way.

In his 2020 release, The Only Question You Ever Need Ask, Colborne honed in on a single question which gets right to the heart of the free will predicament, and that book includes an in-depth discussion of double predestination and the associated doctrine of hell. The content of that book, as well as Colborne’s further Biblical studies, led the author to arrive at a solution to the theological problems with which he battled for so long.

This concise document, simply entitled Statement of Faith, captures Colborne’s mature understanding of Christianity and presents an argument (in five points) reflecting this understanding. Also included are supporting notes to accompany the statement, as well as a piece entitled ‘The Statement in Context’ which provides an overview of Colborne’s faith journey to date.

Please note: This is not a full-length book. It is approximately 25 pages long in the print edition.

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