The God Articles


The God Articles are a carefully curated selection of insightful articles written by philosopher Steven Colborne between 2012 and 2020.



This 430 page book comprises dialogues, discourses, prayers and poems, each of which was written by Colborne as a unique reflection or exposition related to his spiritual journey and/or philosophical perspective. Readers will find deeply personal articles portraying times of spiritual crisis and mental breakdown, as well as vivid descriptions of pivotal moments in Colborne’s faith life such as water baptism, Holy Spirit baptism, and miraculous healing.

The book can be seen as a follow-up to Colborne’s 2012 book The Philosophy of a Mad Man in that it encapsulates developments in Colborne’s spiritual journey which follow on from that book. Those who haven’t read The Philosophy of a Mad Man needn’t worry, however, because The God Articles is a standalone work and is entirely unique among Colborne’s body of book releases.

The God Articles could be described as a ‘best of’ Colborne’s unpublished philosophical and spiritual writings. None of the articles in the book have been published in any of his other books, although they have appeared on his blog, Perfect Chaos.

This is a beautiful book in every way and a must-read for longtime fans of Colborne’s work as well as those who are new to his writing. The depth of insight into the human condition contained within its pages will leave readers feeling challenged, refreshed, and enlightened. All of a sudden, philosophy is exciting again.

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