The Philosophy of a Mad Man (2012 Edition)


The first edition of the debut book release by philosopher Steven Colborne. The book is part spiritual memoir, part philosophical exposition.



It has often been said that there is a fine line between madness and genius, and this saying finds true expression in the work of Steven Colborne, whose extraordinary mind has given birth to the moving masterwork that is The Philosophy of a Mad Man.

In Part One Steven recalls his gruelling spiritual journey, which has involved an array of Eastern and Western practices and therapies, psychological breakdown, and an earnest search for spiritual enlightenment. Part Two expounds Steven’s philosophy and offers an original and thought-provoking insight into the God/world relationship, covering subjects such as Free Will, Reality, States of Consciousness, Time, and even The Meaning of Life.

Written in a simple and engaging style, The Philosophy of a Mad Man has all the ingredients of a contemporary classic. At the very least, this book is a fascinating read, and at the most, it could change your perspective on reality forever.

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