Ultimate Truth: God Beyond Religion (2013 Edition)


This 140 page book, written in 2013, serves as an excellent introduction to the philosophical theology of author Steven Colborne.



Steven Colborne has had a fascinating spiritual journey, which began with atheism and then took him on a very practical exploration of both Eastern and Western philosophy.

In this short book, which serves as an excellent introduction to Colborne’s life and thought, the author explains why despite embracing Christianity for some time, he has been unable to reconcile his understanding of the nature of God with the Christian worldview.

With confidence and wisdom, Colborne explains the problems in traditional theological thinking that caused him to question Christianity, before proceeding to discuss the true nature of God with an extraordinary depth of insight. Simplicity and clarity are hard to find in philosophy, but Colborne has a gift for expressing his perspective in a straightforward way that will surely be thought-provoking for each and every reader.

It may take some time for the full impact of the ideas contained in this book to be realised, but Ultimate Truth: God Beyond Religion represents a significant contribution to Colborne’s ever-growing body of work, and to the broader field of philosophical theology.

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