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Tealight Books is a publishing imprint specialising in innovative work in the areas of philosophy and theology. The imprint is owned and run by British philosopher and author, Steven Colborne. Having established the imprint in order to release some of his own books, Steven now releases books by other authors and, working in a consultancy capacity, offers a range of services to help independent authors navigate the publishing journey.

About Steven Colborne

Steven is a first-class BA (Hons) graduate of the University of Westminster and has undertaken postgraduate studies in Philosophy and Religion at the University of London. He has spent many years exploring different Eastern and Western spiritual practices, both through academic study and practically engaging with the teachings of diverse religious traditions including Hinduism, Buddhism, the New Age movement, and various denominations of Christianity.

Steven is the author of six books, including the spiritual memoir The Philosophy of a Mad Man and the groundbreaking philosophical work God’s Grand Game: Divine Sovereignty and the Cosmic Playground.┬áIn 2012, Steven established, a philosophy and theology blog which has grown to host over 400 articles and has a readership of more than 6000 subscribers.

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